Curriculum Vitae


Specialized Training
Analyst Boot Camp with Advanced Technical Intelligence Center, 2016

Doctorate: Educational Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Phoenix, 2010, GPA: 3.91
                      Dissertation title: Educator Interventions in Bullying of Male and Female
                      High School Students in Ohio

Master of Humanities: Political Communication/Women’s Studies, Wright State University, 2001, GPA: 3.81
                      Thesis title: Remedying Academic Gender Bias and Girls’ Low Self-Esteem: A study of
                       multiple perspectives and proposals

Bachelor of Arts: Mass Communication and Political Science, Wright State University, 1993, GPA: 3.24

Teaching Experience
2017 Air Force Institute of Technology Dayton, Ohio
          Adjunct Instructor, Contractor (COMM680: Technical Reports and Thesis Writing) 
           Prepare AFIT graduate engineering students to present scientific and technical information in written and oral                       reports. Topics covered in the course include formal organizational patterns, accurate language and effective style,             evaluating and presenting information in published scientific and technical reports, formal documentation                             methods, report format, elements of effective oral reports, and other aspects of formal reports.

2007-present Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio
Adjunct Faculty, Humanities Department
Connect students to Western culture though traditional and online courses in
Introduction to Humanities: Explores the nature and content of the humanities by examining and comparing our culture with various cultures from the past. This course provides an introduction to human thought, creativity, and forms of expression by examining the links between historical realities and human culture.
Humanity and the Challenges of Technology: Explores the opportunities and challenges presented by the effects of new technologies, and explores the effects of technological development upon modern society.
Searching for Utopia: A survey of humanity’s search for the ideal society from ancient times to the modern age. It examines various utopian ideas and practices that have changed world communities and compares Western utopian traditions with Eastern perceptions of the perfect society

2008  Edison State Community College, Piqua, Ohio
Adjunct Faculty, Arts and Sciences Division,
Taught hybrid course in The Fundamentals of Communication
Course covered instruction and practice in interpersonal, group, and public communication skills

2007, 2011 DeVry University, Beavercreek, Ohio
Independent Contractor, Humanities,
The Introduction to the Humanities hybrid course introduces students to vital areas of the humanities, such as the visual and performing arts, literature, history, and philosophy. Students analyze and evaluate works of art and develop connections among these works and their historical, cultural, and philosophical contexts. 
Half the course time was spent on online discussion forums and online work, while the other half was classroom discussions and presentations. Students also visited the Dayton Art Institute as preparation for more advanced inquiry in subsequent courses.

2003-2006 Clark State Community College, Springfield, Ohio
           English Adjunct, Online Facilitator
Taught freshman English courses using traditional and online delivery methods
Trained novice computer users in Word and Internet applications
Created and delivered pilot, on-site English courses for International Harvester

1995-2003 Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio
Interpersonal Communication Special Adjunct         
Interpersonal Communication course focuses on the development of effective verbal and nonverbal interactions between two people, stressing better methods of initiating and maintaining effective communication with an understanding of others through learning and applying interpersonal communication theory.
95% approval rating from students. Regularly commended by students for my personable approach and practical skills-focused style that helped students translate theory into practice.

Professional Writing and Editing Experience
2016-2018   Advanced Technical Intelligence Center
2006-present   Articulate Consulting
  • Training provided to schools and businesses
  • Educational training in the areas of bullying, school climate, effective communication, policy development,
  • and leadership
  • Academic editing for dissertations and theses 

Educational Leadership
2006-2009   Greenon Local Schools Board of Education, Enon, Ohio
Elected Board Member
Student Achievement Liaison                          
Participated in hiring superintendent
Participated in annual evaluations of superintendent and treasurer
Participated in annual board retreat to communicate directly with all administrators and unions in the district
Led district policy revision on harassment and bullying
Participated in district strategic planning, including community outreach
Researched best practices for student achievement, attended training, and educated my fellow board members
about issues related to student achievement, including new laws and polices.
Coordinated student achievement committee for district strategic planning process and gained consensus about recommendations for district goals
2009 OSBA Southwest Region Executive Committee
2008 and 2009 OSBA Capital Conference facilitator
2008 member of the Greenon Local Strategic Planning Cabinet

Awards and Honors
2010    Ohio School Boards Association Master Board Member
Lifetime distinction earned for commitment to ongoing training, leadership, and professional growth
2010    OSBA Award of Achievement
Earned for voluntarily participating in 50+ hours of training
2008    OSBA Award of Achievement
Earned for voluntarily participating in 50+ hours of training
2007    OSBA Award of Achievement
Earned for voluntarily participating in 50+ hours of training

Other Employment
2018-present Credence Management Solutions (Contractor)
            Air Force Institute of Technology, WPAFB
            Program Support, Nuclear Engineering
Certified Online Distance Education Facilitator
Sinclair Community College, 2015: D2L
Sinclair Community College, 2007: ANGEL
Clark State Community College, 2003: WebCt
Franklin University, 2001: Blackboard


2016 "Genetic Transmogrification: Trauma and genes," Workshop at the Montgomery County Juvenile Court Citizen
Review Board, August
2016 "Genetic Transmogrification: Trauma and genes," Presentation at the Sinclair Community College annual Holocaust
Remembrance and Education Committee Teacher Workshop, April
2015 Presentation at the International Bullying Prevention Association 12th annual conference, Denver, November
2015 "Assertiveness and Bullying," recorded Presentation for the Grass Gets Greener Bullying Survivors Summit, August
2014 "Student Engagement in Online Learning," Presentation at the Sinclair Community Collge Humanities, History, and
Modern Languages annual meeting 
2013 "Gender Differences in High School Bullying," Presentation at the Intellectbase International Consortium Academic
Conference, Las Vegas
2012 "Bullying in the College Classroom," Presentation at the Sinclair Community College Humanities, History, and
Modern Languages annual meeting, August 20.
2012 Presentation about bullying for Forest of the Rain online radio program about education
2011 Testimony before the Ohio House of Representatives Education Committee, September 20
            Testified before the committee in opposition of HB136
2009 "Hidden cruelty exposed: Preventing sexual abuse and domestic violence through
education and action."  National Organization for Women’s national conference, June 20
Set to be a panel presentation. Fellow presenters pulled out of the workshop at the last minute. Presented to an audience of NOW members about the beginnings of sexual abuse and domestic violence in K-12 bullying, including strategies for advocates to get involved with their local schools and policy development
2009 “Technology and bullying,” Old Trail School, Bath, OH. February 25.
Presentation to an audience of 30 educators of a private pre-K-8 school covering the role of technology in bullying including policy and law changes
2009 “Technology and bullying,” Ohio Educational Technology Conference. February 4.
Presentation to an audience of 200 public and private Ohio K-12 educators covering the role of technology in bullying including policy and law changes
2008 “Hair pulling to handguns: Current research about preventing school violence,” Greenon Local School District,
March 20
Presentation to 15 public Ohio K-12 educators covering types of bullying and their consequences; grade-level reading list, references, and online tools provided
2007 “Hair pulling to handguns: Current research about preventing school violence,” Ohio
School Boards Association Capital Conference. November 13.
Presentation to 300 public Ohio school board members and administrators covering the types of bullying and their consequences, including information about writing anti-bullying policies.
2007 “Real world of education,” Wittenberg University, May
Participated in panel discussion with other educational leaders to help 20 graduating education students answer questions about the real world education environment, providing insight into board-administrator-teacher relations and policy

April 2011 “Educator Interventions in Bullying of Male and Female High School Students in Ohio.”
Dissertation Abstracts Journal. School of Advanced Studies: University of Phoenix.
2006-2011 “Your Turn,” and “Up Front,” American School Board Journal. (30+ quotes about education
policy, including in the feature article “Bullying from words to action.”)

"The poverty of excellence." Living Education eMagazine. Living Education eMagazine.
            Volume 8. June, 2015. (p. 56) 

“Value of professional development for board of education members.” Living Education eMagazine.
Volume 3. May, 2012. (p. 41)

“Taking advantage of non-traditional pathways to teaching.” Living Education eMagazine. Volume V.
February, 2013. (p. 31)

“Bullying prevention through social ecology.” Living Education eMagazine. Volume VI. June 1, 2013.

“Bennett is selected to lead Greenon for next three years,” Enon Eagle, July 13, 2011
“Qualities in a good superintendent,” Enon Eagle and New Carlisle Sun, April 27, 2011
“Creating a district culture to improve performance,” Enon Eagle and New Carlisle Sun,
April 13, 2011
“The hidden value of the arts in education is invaluable,” Enon Eagle and New Carlisle Sun,
March 30, 2011
“Bullying by the numbers: Dispelling myths and getting help,” Enon Eagle and New Carlisle
Sun, March 16, 2011
“Getting behind the problem of school bullying,” Enon Eagle and New Carlisle Sun,
March 9, 2011
“Funding Ohio’s schools into the future,” Enon Eagle and New Carlisle Sun, February 23, 2011 
 “Greenon School Board’s hands are tied with unfunded mandates,” Enon Eagle and
New Carlisle Sun, February 2, 2011

“Getting doctors involved in fighting bullying,”, May 21, 2011
“What to do when bullying happens,”, May 6, 2011
 “Bullying awareness and prevention,”, April 6, 2011
“Bullying affects everyone,”, March 30, 2011
Civic Activities
2015  Trustee, Enon Community Historical Society
2011-present, member, Sinclair Holocaust Remembrance Committee;
helped organize 2012 educator workshop about using the Holocaust to teach about bullying and vice versa.
2009-present, member, Clark County Suicide Prevention Coalition
2009-present, member, Enon Community Historical Society
2008, member, Clark County Education Coalition
2008-present, member, Clark County Suicide Prevention Coalition
2007-2010, volunteer, Airedale Terrier Rescue and Adoption
2000-present, member, Enon Sundial Garden Club; 2008 president

Professional Affiliations

International Bullying Prevention Association                                          2014-present
International Leadership Association                                                         2011-present
            2011, 2015 Conference proposal reviewer for international conference
Society for Organization Learning                                                               2011-present
Ohio ASCD Leadership Council                                                                    2008-present
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development                    2007-present
American School Board Journal Reader Panel                                          2006-2010     
Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education                                   2006-present
The New Media Consortium                                                                        2005-present
National Organization for Women                                                             2001-present
American Association of University Women                                            2000-present
American Association of University Professors                                       1999-present
American Civil Liberties Union                                                                   1990-present